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2014 Conference announcement

Conference Series organizing 16th World Congress on Pharmacology and Toxicology which is going to be held at Bangkok, Thailand in the month of April 21-22, 2014 with a theme “Emerging new trends and findings in the field of Phamaracolgy and Toxicology”. The aim of Pharmacology Congress 2014 is review the new findings and advancements in the field of Pharmacology This event will be of special interest to any professional involved in health care domain, such as, pharmacologists, pharmacists, doctors will know more about the manufacturing of valuable drugs & health care devices etc. As many of the Scientists, Graduates, Post Graduates and PhD Scholars, students, health care professionals of any disciplines are having great opportunity to take part in this conference. It will provide a platform for multidisciplinary exchange of information to accelerate the research findings and shed light on the significant scientific discoveries in all aspects of pharmaceuticals areas.


Eric Andres

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