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Role of pharmacists in eradicating COVID-19 pandemic condition

Pharmacists are globally providing health care services during pandemic conditions including patients care services, guiding patients and minimizing the patient’s health risk based on facilities available in hospitals and general practices. Pharmacists exert their service to provide knowledge about drug usage as well as their contact with an increasing number of patients coming through pharmacies with the other diseases. Pharmacy associations have issued their guidelines and various examples of pharmacist’s role in the COVID 19 are being discussed. This review reinstates that how pharmacists should have teamed up together to compile 10-steps protection guidelines. There is some specific point guidance’s which educates community pharmacies for safety and standard operation as the number of patients in the country continues to rise. These guidelines are endorsed by the government and private bodies. Through public preventative measures initiated by WHO, the public are working together to flatten the curve. With this pandemic lockdown there will be even a greater dependence on pharmacist’s services as the first point of contact to fulfill the public peoples healthcare needs. Pharmacies around the world are one of the few places that are kept open for public service even during the strict lockdown periods. Community pharmacists play their vital role in the field of healthcare department and act as healthcare provider during this pandemic infection. Community pharmacists remain on the frontline of public health by serving as direct points of access for their patients.


M Sentilraja

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